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Changing Weather may faciliatate faster than normal timeline for dismissals

Forecasts are calling for more saturating rainfall over the next week, with significant amounts falling on Monday and Tuesday.  Swain County Schools’ Administration is in contact with Swain County Emergency Services as well as the Department of Transportation, and in concert with them, are continually monitoring the situation.  Please keep in mind that changes in our weather can occur quickly and many times with no warning. 

We ask that you keep these circumstances in mind as we move forward this week.  Our continuing pledge to our community is to always act with the utmost safety of our students and staff in mind.  As situations arise and change, Swain County Schools may have to dismiss and send students and staff home on a faster timeline than normal, which in turn could mean shorter notification times for our community.  We ask for your understanding and patience as we move forward this week.

Native American Parent Meeting

Swain County Schools had their first Native American Parent Meetings on October 28, 2019 & December 19, 2019. Please view the full article for the minutes, summary, and an invitation to fill out our survey on Native American Policy & Procedures.

Native American Policy & Procedures

Board Policy 4060 Native American Policies and Procedures is being reviewed and updated for the 2020-2021 school year. We solicit the community's input during this review process.

Fighting The Flu!

Flu season is upon us and the CDC has provided us with some very useful info for fighting and recovering from the flu.

Native American Parent Meeting

There will be a Native American Parent Meeting on Monday, October 28th beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the East Elementary School Cafeteria. Swain County Schools' Native American Coordinators will host a brief meeting to announce to parent committee members, followed my fun parent/student "fall themed" activities and refreshments. Please plan to attend this meeting if possible. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Lockdown is over

Update: The Lock Down is over. All students and staff are safe. The Sheriff's Department has cleared the scene and will continue and investigation.
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